3 Categories of Sex Toys at an Adult Shop In & Out of Singapore

Written by Paul Petersen

Not a lot of excellent, trustworthy information is available on sex toys and sex education. You can attribute it to several issues in society. There is a troubling connection with sexual intercourse. People often feel a sense of shame for being sexually active due to this problematic relationship. Therefore, most people are too afraid to enter a sex shop in Singapore.

Different Types of Sex Toys

Purchasing your first male or female sex toys may be exciting and challenging. Most people are uncertain of what type of sex toy to seek. You may buy many first toys before deciding on one that you can proudly name your genuine first. Read on to learn about the various sex toys available in the market and their respective categories.

#1 Vulva Toys

People always confuse the classic dildos and rabbit vibrators. It is understandable since the toys are long and phallic in design. They have a similar appearance and are for penetration. However, you can spot a few distinctions between a vibrator and a dildo while on display at Singapore sex stores.

1. Dildos

A dildo is a sex toy that resembles a penis in its most basic form––long and cylindrical. There are many diverse forms, sizes, and colours to choose from today to modify the frightening penis-centric image it has. However, one notable aspect of this sex toy at any shop in and out of Singapore is it does not vibrate. Moreover, some provide better access to the G-spot through their bent form.

2. Vibrators

Vibrators are a subtle and complicated category of sex toys at any sex shop in and out of Singapore. There are countless shapes and sizes for your selection. Makers intend for people to use these toys externally, internally, or both. The form and size of the vibrator can determine its primary use. There are subcategories under this type of sex toy.


– Bullets and finger vibrators are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and are used to stimulate the clitoris externally. Finger vibrators contain a loop that allows you to put it on your finger and use it as an extension of your hand. There are also panty vibrator options you can attach to your underwear to wear all day. They come in various speeds and intensities.


– Internal vibrators are also called G-spot wands. They are the same phallic and cylindrical length as a regular dildo found at shops in Singapore. However, they pulsate. They are often built with a curved head to reach the G-spot area.


– Dual vibrators combine clitoral and G-spot stimulation for an exciting inside and exterior experience. They feature a vibrating, cylindrical base and an external head affixed to reach the glans clitoris. Moreover, the rabbit remains the most popular vibrator model.

#2 Anal Toys

Anal toys have their category for one fundamental reason: safety. Your anus has two rings. The ring outside your anus can flex when you tighten your butthole. On the other hand, everyone has no control over the one inside your anus. Anal devices intended to avoid this trap feature a flared base that acts as a stopper. There are three subcategories under anal toys you can purchase at any sex shop in Singapore.

1.  Plugs

Anal plugs are typically tear-shaped with a broad base to prevent them from being sucked into the anal canal. They are available in both vibrating and non-vibrating versions, as well as a variety of materials. You can buy silicone, glass, and even wood plugs from a sex shop in Singapore.

2. Dildos

Yes, you can find a type of dildo at a sex store in Singapore meant for your buttocks. They are typically best combined with a strap-on. Anal dildos fit into a harness and are suitable for anal sex. The toys have a flared base and appear similar to basic dildos.

3. Beads

Anal beads are the string of beads you can find at any sex shop in and out of Singapore. It looks similar to a bracelet. People use them to stimulate the nerve-rich anal orifice. Take notice that you should always select anal beads with a flared bottom.


#3 Penis Toys

This category caters to the specific male anatomy and sex toys meant to provide heightened pleasure during intercourse. Although there are fewer concerns with penis toys, it is still crucial to understand them before use. Here are three types of penis toys at a sex shop in and out of Singapore.

1. C-Rings

You use a cock ring to wrap around the base of the penis to limit blood flow. It can aid with climax control, longer erections, and more powerful orgasms. Ensure that the c-ring uses body-safe or medical-grade silicone before using them. Also, using a dependable water-based lubricant can help reduce friction. Never use your cock ring for more than 20 minutes at a time.

2. Sleeves for Masturbation

Masturbation sleeves are just what their name implies. It intends to resemble a vagina or anus. This toy at any sex shop in and out of Singapore has a horrible image of being sleazy and strange. However, most people attribute it to the embarrassment surrounding sexual activity. Nevertheless, men also have the right to pleasure and orgasms.

3. Vibrators

Vibrators are primarily for vulval stimulation, but men can also use them for their penis. These gadgets are also efficient male sex toys. They are adaptable as long as you keep them away from your anus.

It is Okay to Explore Your Sexuality

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