5 Truths about Sex Dolls that People Don’t Know

There are many things that many people do not know about sex dolls. People are not interested and do not pay attention to finer details of everything they come across, especially sex dolls, because of their prejudices against the subject. The truth is that there are some interesting facts about sex dolls that might amaze you. Here are some of the read-worthy five truths about sex dolls;

1.People connect with sex dolls intimately.

Yes, you read that right; people connect with sex dolls intimately and do not just have them for sex. Although it is only a small group of men who use sex dolls for more than sexual intimacy, they exist and are present in our society.

In today’s society, we have life-like dolls, and some people forge bonds with these dolls. A small subset of people in the community even opt to incorporate these dolls as full-fledged family members.

Sex dolls, in some people’s lives, are more than sexual objects but a companion. It becomes more than a tool for sexual gratification but intimacy. Some even define it as love. It may sound disgusting, but it is the first truth you need to know about sex dolls.

2.Sex dolls carry a lot of weight.

Sex dolls do weigh more than they seem to weigh. Some dolls weigh up to 115 pounds, and the reason is that not as many women as men use dolls and therefore the doll manufacturers create what men desire. However, it is crucial to note that you can get lightweight dolls that weigh as low as 15 pounds.

The lightweight dolls are suitable for traveling a lot and require something portable and easy to take around. However, heavy sex dolls are preferred because they give the customers the full experience of a human person.

Also, the heavy ones are better crafted and hence provide better experiences. Due to their demand, you will probably find that the heavier dolls are more present in the market.

3.In Michigan, there is a man who married a sex doll

The first truth of this post stipulates that people get intimate with sex dolls. There is no better proof of intimacy than a man getting married to one of them. The man is known as Davecat and is popularly known from TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

Davecat has legally married this doll. In addition to that, he lives with two other dolls, who he refers to as his mistresses. What is more interesting than the fact that he lives with these dolls is that he has set up Twitter accounts for them. Davecat’s life with the sex dolls shows that some people do not just desire to have sex with sex doll but yearn to be intimated with these sex dolls.

4.In Japan, sex dolls serve more purposes as compared to the United States

In terms of accepting sex dolls, Japan seems to have done that longer than the United States. In the United States, men only have sex with sex doll from the comfort of their home, but in Japan, there are brothels featuring sex dolls. Men pay top yen to have sex with sex doll in these brothels.

Also, Japan did feature a TV show in which the show’s main character was a silicone sex doll. It is also crucial to note that in Japan, sex dolls are referred to as “dutch wives,” This is because the Dutch sailors invented the first sex dolls, and the Japanese were the providers of the leather used to make the first sex dolls.

5.People who are intimate with dolls are known as iDollators

There is a whole fandom of people who love sex dolls. The fandom consists of people who treat these sex dolls not as sex objects but as companions. These ‘iDollators’ find women hard to deal with and consider sex dolls perfect companions. Davecat has explained this ideology by arguing that a sex doll can never lie, or criticize or cheat on someone.

Bottom Line

Sex dolls are becoming part of our society whether we like them or not. Some people find companionship in them, and the more truths we know about them, the better we relate with them.