Four Tips to Get Your Partner On Board with Trying New Things in the Bedroom

Written by Paul Petersen

If you have fantasies or things that you want to try in the bedroom but aren’t sure how to bring them up to your partner, don’t worry. Many are in the same boat as you. It can be hard to talk about our desires, especially if we haven’t actually tried them out beyond our imagination. Not only that, but some things just won’t be on the table – and that is okay. Communication and discovery are essential when it comes to taking that ever-important step forward. 

With the tips in this guide, you’ll be able to communicate more clearly, try new things, and discover new aspects of your sex life together. 

  • Inform Your Partner of Your Desires 

Chances are your partner also has things they want to try or an idea they want to see through. We can get so caught up in how embarrassing it can feel to talk about these desires that we all end up bottling them up. By breaching that dam, you can let your partner know about the toys, positions, or scenarios you want to try out, and, most importantly, you can invite them to do the same. If it is hard to talk aloud, try writing it out or finding information online that can better explain what you want for yourself. Clarity is key, but how you go about being clear is up to you. 

  • Be Willing to Compromise 

Talking about what you want will not mean that your partner should ever feel pressured to do what you want. There will always be a compromise, and just as you grow and learn from each other, you will also need to grow and learn about each other in this new direction. If your partner is unable and refuses to compromise outright and these fantasies of yours are important for you, then you and said partner may not be compatible in the long term. If you two are compatible, compromise at a minimum will need to happen, even if that compromise is to try out just one new thing or one new toy and see how it goes from there. 

  • Shop Together 

A great, easy way to break the ice and to start inviting new experiences into your sex life is to go shopping together at stores like MyAmazingFantasy.com. Picking out toys or apparel together can be very fun and arousing and can help start building that important layer of trust you need when trying out something new. 

  • Always Take Baby Steps 

Taking baby steps is particularly important if your fantasies go into more advanced areas of sex exploration. BDSM, for example, is not something you jump into, particularly if neither you nor your partner have experience. Small steps that allow you to push your boundary without feeling completely out of your comfort zone can make your sex life exciting without it becoming daunting. Not only that, but it takes time to understand how to go about these new areas of your sex life safely and to figure out what works and what doesn’t. By taking it slow and trying only one or two new things at a time, you can naturally develop a better approach to both of your pleasures.