How to Use A Fat Boy Penis Sleeve For Incredible Satisfactions

Written by John Tate

It is important that the penis sleeve is comfortable for the person wearing it and any partners. When purchasing a fat boy penis sleeve, the first thing that a person needs to think about is its size.

If a person can achieve an erection, it is important that the sleeve fits snugly when the penis is fully erect. A person should measure the size of their penis with a tape measure and compare this with the dimensions of the penis sleeve product. When using the product, a person should put their penis in the sleeve when it is half erect and allow it to reach full erection inside the sleeve. It should not feel tight or loose.

If a person is unable to achieve an erection, they will require a fat boy penis sleeve that contains a ball loop or belt to keep it in place. They should put the loop around their testicles and slide their penis into the sleeve or fit the belt around their waist. A person should consider using a water-based lubricant on their penis, as well as on the inside and outside of the sleeve. However, if a person does not wear a penis sleeve correctly, it may restrict the penis or cause friction, which could lead to pain and soreness. Additionally, in extreme cases, the aggressive use of a penis sleeve may fracture the penis.

Many different fat boy penis sleeve products are available on the market. Some options you may wish to consider are penis sleeve that contains ball loops to keep the product in place, it may be suitable for a person who is unable to achieve an erection. Also consider a penis sleeves that desensitizes the penis for longer lasting intercourse suitable for people who experience PE and people with a latex allergy.

Go for a fat boy penis sleeve with a removable vibrator that may feel good to the person wearing it. The sleeve should have external nubs, which may be pleasurable for any partners. The pronged extension is specifically for clitoral stimulation, but the vibration sensations will likely be pleasurable whether a person inserts it into a vagina or anus.

Always know that some penis sleeves require people to be semi-erect before putting them on, while others are suitable for putting on a flaccid penis. Always have them on to experience a longer, thicker penis!