Who goes to escorts and why

Written by Danny White

Several studies have been carried out on this topic, most of which believe that the type of men who date an escort has changed. It is good to dispel the myth that those who go to escort are generally a person of advanced age and without company. In fact, the average age of those who attend an escort is about forty years: almost 50% of them are between thirty and fifty years old. According to busty pornstars an accurate survey carried out by sociologists, some psychological factors are decisive for those who decide to date an escort.

These have been summarily grouped by a team of scholars, who have analyzed according to the data found on the net on various dedicated platforms, the psychological side of the escort clients. In the first place, it was stated that those who choose to spend time with an escort suffer from low self-esteem: turning to an unknown person for some is the best way to let go without inhibitions, winning against performance anxiety.

Then there are those who, due to their own character, are unable to have sentimental or sexual bonds with other women; these are men who are mostly insecure or who are afraid of not fully satisfying their beloved: they believe that dating an busty pornstars escort is the best way to find what they cannot have.

Women’s emancipation is a deeply felt issue, not only by women but also by many men who fight alongside women who demand gender equality. On the other hand, there are some men who, due to the purely male mentality, are unable to relate to an emancipated woman: relying on an escort for them is the best method to deal with a compliant woman and at their complete disposal.

Thanks to technology, pornography has seen the number of visitors to porn sites exponentially increase.