5 Pieces of Advice For Swinging Introverts

Written by Paul watson

Even introverted or shy people can still enjoy the swinging lifestyle. It can be intimidating, but let’s take a deep breath and relax. We will share some swingers advice that make swinging fun for everyone, even those who are shy. It is likely that you will make many new friends. So, try to be excited and less afraid. You might find it intimidating at first, but that is probably a gross understatement. It is possible to feel nervous about transferring to school in the middle of the school school year. When you arrive at an event, you might meet a lot of cliquey people. Do not be afraid to show up at an event. Swingers are generally friendly and open-minded, but we sometimes get too excited about seeing old friends and start to clump with them. This is a great way to socialize with and make friends with swingers even if you don’t know them.

1: Researching the Local Swinger Scene

Do some swinging 101 research online. Check out the profiles online and join the most popular swinging website in your area. Check out the calendar for upcoming events. Next, choose an event that interests your heart. If you are shy or introverted, it is easier to do the first step online than if you were to go out in person. It’s easy to take your time and get more comfortable online, which can be less intimidating for introverted swingers. You can also reach out to individual swingers and have a drink or other fun time with them.

2 – Entering Swinger Parties

Some parties and swinger clubs will host special hosts to welcome new members. The party organizers or the host couple will take care of this. These couples are veteran swinger couples. They are happy to give a tour and answer any questions. You may have to ask them for a tour. They won’t offer it unless you ask. For smaller events, party organizers can give you a brief overview of the event as soon as you arrive. It’s a great opportunity to inquire about the vibe and general flow of the party, so you can enjoy it more. They are great for newbies, as well as for those who have been to the venue before. Worst-case scenario, you’ll be introduced to the couple and will most likely be introduced to other people along the tour.

3 – Smile & Be Friendly

You were probably able to join a tour with an experienced host. You can still take a tour if you don’t have a host. Take a tour of the rooms. Wave hello to everyone who comes your way. Swingers are friendly, so it’s okay to not know them. Just say hello or smile and wave. Expect to be given close hugs, kisses and hugs on the cheeks. Swingers are often a friendly bunch. You might be surprised to see a couple looking at you and turning out to be first-timers. You will find them very grateful for your friendly hellos. Take a break after you have walked the rooms.

4 – Social Lubrication

Check in with your partner while you are having a drink, or pouring your own drink at many swinger events. Find out who was the most interesting to you. Now it’s time for you to actually approach the person you have chosen. You can relax and enjoy your drink, but you’re here to have some fun. You could have stayed at home if you wanted to be alone in a corner. Get excited! Let’s get excited!

5 – It’s Time To Talk

Move over to the people that you wish to speak with. Don’t wait for the conversation to halt before jumping in. Are you unsure of what topic to discuss? It’s not uncommon. Many people who are new to the dating scene have never been around for long enough to be able to remember how to make friends and start conversations with others. We have your back and can help you decide what to talk about. You can continue to have a great conversation if it is already happening. Do not try to change the topic or hijack the conversation. Here are eight ideas for icebreakers to help you choose a topic.