Free and Paid dating app accounts: Comparison

Written by Danny White

The major concern of dating app skeptics is a presence of VIP programs and all the functions hidden behind the pay wall. At least half of all the users never interacted with features of the premium status which affect their attitude towards it. Only an extensive discussion about the topic can help these people to decide if the value of VIP membership is worth it or free dating is a smarter choice.

A good example for this study will be a relatively new website called JaTut. Their services oriented on European dating market. It has paid features in development as well as working free kit. Starting with the latter, for any users on the site following functions available without restrictions:

  • gallery;
  • nearby matches;
  • messenger and video chats;
  • gifting interface;
  • advanced search.

Aside from a standard kit of any free dating app JaTut messenger and gifts stand out. Users not only allowed to send text messages but video and audio too. Complement it with a pick from the gift shop to communicate your feelings better.

These options are enough to find a date companion once a week. But for more active users, the like limit and hidden history may get in the way.

Money buys love

Jatut will continue to be a useful example for the research about paid features too. Their system is not as tier-heavy as one from tinder which makes it more clear. It is also often presented as redundant by the general free dating crowd but look at the list first:

  • priority likes;
  • message before match;
  • profile activity monitor;
  • your profile likes;
  • super likes;
  • top profile.

Aside from self-explanatory features priority likes and top profiles may confuse even dating veterans. Priority like allows your regular likes to be displayed on top of other competitors in the list of a possible match. Top profile function works similar to it but allow your profile to be on top in a pool of possible matches. That will help to increase chances to be matched with desired partner.

The final choice is on you

The decision of paying free dating platform like Tinder, Badoo or aforementioned Jatut for additional features is ultimately determined by user’s needs. They are nowhere near as helpful in finding a perfect match as a good profile, for example. So look at it as an additional boost to expose your already well-made profile to more people.

Some websites offer a month-long free trial of the premium membership. It is a great opportunity to test all the features without any additional investment.