Single in Sydney?

Written by Clare Louise

If you are single in Sydney, then this article will be an eye opener to you. You may have already attended various seminars and talks on how to improve your relationship status, but I guess all those efforts will not be fruitful. Now it’s time to take a different approach. Why don’t you consider yourself as the most important person in your life? Why go out looking for someone when you can make friends with yourself?

Does being single bother me? Not really. Although I have never experienced being married or being part of a couples’ world, I’m still happy with my life right now. The reason why I do not feel that i lack something even without having a partner is because no one knows better than myself what I have gone through, what are my disadvantages and advantages. Also I’m the only person who can take care of myself – whether it is mentally or physically.

Besides that, being single does not just mean that you are alone but also that you get to do whatever you want whenever you want it. You get to spend more time with your family members, friends because there’s no one nagging you to call up Joe at 10pm so he won’t be so lonely while waiting for his girlfriend..haha.. This also means saving on phone bills alr!

Being single means freedom. You get to travel wherever you want without having look after anyone else but yourself. It sounds selfish right? Well what do you expect me to say? I’m a self confessed selfish person. haha..

But it is a good thing too. You get to try out different restuarants and cuisines, go on plenty of shopping sprees, watch movies alone or with your girlfriends, go hiking solo without having to wait for someone at the top of the mountain… etc.

Many people think that once they are single for some time, they will be under so much pressure from their parents, friends and relatives to find someone else instead of just enjoying themselves. Well that’s not my case because all my family members and friends know how happy I am being single and therefore there won’t be any pressure from them whatsoever. Of course there will be questions like “Ai stead, when are you going to find a partner?”, but they know that I’m not the type of person who will just settle for anyone. Or maybe thats just me being overly confident!

The key is to feel happy being single and then it will reflect on your appearance as well. You just have to look presentable and fashionable so that people around you would believe that you don’t really lack anything in life.

As a woman, its important to always look your best because everyone wants an attractive girl/boyfriend..haha.. When I go out shopping or dining with friends, many guys will compliment me on how nice I dressed myself or how nice my accessories looks. I thank them but deep in my heart, I’m thinking to myself, if only they knew how much effort i put into looking this good.

To be honest with all the pressure to look great and constantly updating on latest fashion trends, its sometimes tough being a singleton in Sydney or anywhere for that matter! But it is worth it when you get attention from the opposite sex when out shopping or when waiting tables. Besides that, not having someone else will also help you save money because there’s no one else to spend your hard-earned money on.

So if you are single like me in Sydney right now, dont let others bother you too much about where u are going out with friends? There’s nothing wrong about going out by yourself because afterall, you need time to reflect and sort things out in life. Having a partner is not the only thing that will make your life complete!

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