The list of exciting escort services

Written by Danny White

The beautiful city of Frankfurt is not only famous for its places or landscapes. Such an ancient city has towering skyscrapers, the famous River Main, a fairy tale opera, ancient castles and fortresses, and an attractive theater. You can also find shopping districts filled with tourist attractions, nightclubs that will keep you partying all night long, and museums of German heritage.

Despite such a rich program, a man may get tired of all these travels and visits, and there will be a desire to go in search of sex adventures. In this case, an escort service Frankfurt Diamond Frankfurt escort will come to the rescue. These VIP escorts can quickly satisfy any man with erotic massages, unforgettable sex, and other exotic offers.

The most demanded escort services

Recently, men and women are increasingly turning to export to receive such services:

  • Couple’s service offers people in a relationship the opportunity to introduce a third person into their sex life. Such entertainment is becoming increasingly popular as people realize that threesomes don’t have to be taboo but a unique chance to spice up a relationship.
  • Lesbian escort. Just imagine: you go into a posh hotel room and see two gorgeous girls kissing, caressing, and urging you to join them. Isn’t this heaven?
  • Anal escort. Anal escort service is a big taboo that makes it even more enjoyable! If you want something weird and unique in your subsequent encounter with Frankfurt’s best escort, anal sex may be the winning ticket!

Everyone can choose what excites him.

Critical recommendations for first anal escort

We’ve collected some tips for safe and satisfying anal sex for you:

  • Don’t forget to lubricate. People who often complain of severe pain during anal sex are more likely to forget to use lubrication or not use it enough.
  • Stick to the butt. Some men want to go a few rounds. After anal sex, it is best not to enter other places, such as your mouth or vagina, as the anus contains many bacteria that can cause infections.
  • Stop using pain relief creams. Various brands offer to numb your butt, so you don’t feel pain. But, when viewed retroactively, anal sex is a notoriously painful pleasure to some extent. Using these creams can be helpful during anal sex as you won’t feel any pain, but if your partner doesn’t do it right, they can cause severe damage.

Proper preparation for sexual intercourse will allow you to get great pleasure from escort services.