Unraveling the Secrets of Tantric Sex

Written by Robert Denis

According to Tantra, sex is not limited merely to momentary pleasures. Instead, sex is a portal into timelessness, and at that moment of climax, you can feel the Universe breathing inside you. The awakening of Kundalini in Tantric sex is said to initiate such intense lovemaking that you transcend the bondages of reality to feel liberated. Tantric sex is empowering, and you need the London escorts to guide you into this path of the soul’s journey in love.

Slowly Uncoiling from the World of Make-Believe 

The sojourners in sex often feel that this is a world of make-believe. The real self gets obstructed by pretensions and self-deceit. The foremost rule of getting into the depths of Tantra is to be self-honest.

Walking in integrity is easier said than done. How honest are you with your sexual intentions? How deeply do you engage in the meditation of the self through sex? Do you understand the enormous potential of Tantric sex? Imagine being able to make love for hours without getting into a quick orgasm. Tantra makes the impossible possible, but you have to be willing to surrender to its labyrinths.

The mystery of Tantra is carved in her flesh and blood. She is a goddess of mystery; her aura speaks of seduction. She has known it all, from the terrible depths of loneliness to the intense climax of secret orgasms. You would have to trust her to release you from the dishonesty that may hold you back. Be so brave to reveal your vulnerabilities to her. Open up your heart to the realization that sex is not merely a physical act but also an initiation into a meditative state of mind.

Embodying the Spirit of Divine Union 

Tantra postulates that the body is centered around the spinal cord. The spinal cord holds the secrets of Kundalini’s power, which the participants in Tantra desire to unlock. Just as orgasmic feelings rise from the root to the apex of the spinal cord, you also awaken to the reality that sex can last for hours without exhaustion.

Realizing that sex is a communion of souls, held in the intricate details of mutual consent, helps in unraveling this mystery. The queens of  sexy Oklute Australia have deep knowledge about Tantric awakenings that can make you a liberated man at the end of the day.

In the journey of divine awakening, you realize the homogeneity of the soul’s desires. At the same time, you also understand that the perception of sex is different in men and women. Self-love in men is often quicker, while women can go for hours caressing themselves. As a man, you would have to touch this desire of intense self-love in a woman in your heart. You would have to be caring and nurturing, thereby helping her to feel relaxed in the presence of your sex.

Don’t Have Twisted Plots that Come Back to You

Tantra is closely related to Karma. The way you make love comes back to you. To feel loved, you have to let go of your insecurities about women. Feeling intimidated in her presence does not help, and you will have to erect yourself in self-confidence. Women from experienced Brisbane escorts confirm that men who have twisted thoughts often fail to satisfy them.

The relationship between a man and a woman must be healthy to be beautiful. If you have unhealthy obsessions, the guilty feelings will constantly pull you down in your own eyes. You have to be straightforward with your reality. You have to let her in your heart so that she can heal your lifelong scars and help you to become a deeper man. This process of trusting each other, even if you meet for one night, is the heartfelt secret to the mysteries of the Kamasutra.