If your partner asks for a break, what does it mean?

Written by Paul watson

To love and be loved, to create beautiful bonds that bring good things to everyday life, to feel supported, understood and also wanted, are common aspirations inherent to all human beings.

The fact is that people are by nature social beings, and it feels good to be in a group and in company. That is the reason, why I am looking for an escort near me in Australia. 

Transposed to the realm of relationships, this is even more accentuated. For some people, having a partner, a relationship or being married even represents having managed to tick the box of things “to do in life”.

However, while relationships are in some ways meant to help people grow, to bring mutual knowledge and affection, to achieve more quickly a dream that might take longer on its own, it is not all plain sailing when it comes to interpersonal relationships of any kind. Relationships between couples, clearly, could not be any different.

And there are many questions that come into play: Will the person like me enough? How long will our relationship last? Is he or she the right person for me? Or even more, what to do when the person asks me for a break?

Knowing the importance of relationships and their nuances in an individual’s life, Skokka, the leading adult portal present in more than 26 countries, will continue to explore this topic, because after all, if the partner asks for a break, what does it mean?

My partner has asked me for some time

Sometimes people see it coming, others are caught completely by surprise. One day, a partner asks for a time-out. The feelings at this moment can be mixed, sadness, disappointment, anger, or even relief and joy as the case may be, although to a lesser extent.

At this time, people tend to look for “culprits”, to recall the moments over and over again to try to guess where they went wrong, which causes great physical and mental exhaustion. Many people even have loss of appetite, insomnia, difficulty concentrating and other discomforts when going through this challenge, which is totally normal.

In fact, it’s not surprising, because hormone levels at this time can drop, leading to an emotional slump and low mood. Precisely because of this, in order not to connect with these negative emotions and as an attempt to evade this discomfort, many people prefer to beg for a return, putting their self-love on the back burner and in a way also disrespecting their partner’s decision to pause the relationship at this time. 

But then, what to do when a partner asks for a break?

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that the event has already occurred, i.e. the break-up has already been requested by the partner, so there is no point in denying it or trying to force the other to change his or her mind. However, this does not mean that you have to sit back and wait for things to miraculously change. Therefore, Skokka Australia and Brisbane escorts have separated some tips on what to do when this happens:

1- Accept the person’s decision

As said before, disagreeing with the person and insisting that they change their mind can only make things worse, in the end, perhaps a time out would be welcome to calm down the mood in the relationship.

2-Change the approach to the situation

When going through this circumstance, it is normal to find oneself in an obsessive loop, for example, talking only about it with friends, family and even oneself in one’s daily thoughts. It is therefore important to try to change the focus of the situation a bit, go to the cinema, exercise, meditate… anything that helps to get away from the subject and connect with oneself.

3-Let the person who asked for the time be the one who seeks after it

The time in the relationship was that person’s idea, so the responsibility for re engaging should also be theirs. Let the person be the one to reach out, to send messages, to call if they see fit. After all, if this person has asked for time, that is exactly what you have to give them, the space they want. 

4- Use this time to take care of yourself

Instead of wasting this time thinking about what you did wrong, what your loved one will do in your absence and other such not very constructive thoughts, it is better to invest this time in yourself. Take care of yourself, cuddle, snuggle, surround yourself with people who really love you and want to be close to you and fill your heart with that love.

5- Avoid looking at the calendar

Many people wonder how long this pause will last, and the truth is that the answer is the time that is necessary for the other, i.e. there is no set time. Some report a few months, others only days, it will depend on when both parties have been able to clarify their ideas to have a fair and objective conversation.

6-Time to re-establish ties or end cycles

After the time that the partner has deemed necessary, it is very likely that he or she will approach again – albeit in a confused way – many times. 

The decision of what to do with the situation then rests with each person. If you still want to talk and potentially work on a relationship to build something mutually satisfying, go ahead. If not, the best thing to do is to withdraw lovingly and let him or her go. At the end of the day, not everyone is worth or deserves a second chance and standing up for yourself is always the best option.