A Guide To Visiting Melbourne Brothels

Written by Paul watson

If you’re ready for the adventure of your life and some sightseeing in between, you’ve made the right decision when you booked your ticket to Melbourne. Melbourne is popular for its amazing culture, great spots, amazing parks, welcoming people and numerous nighttime activities. So, if you’re ready to pay a visit to some of the most popular Melbourne brothels, and you also want to learn how to choose the best one, we’ll discuss these points further in this article.

Be honest with what you want

Since there’s a place for every type of desire, be honest with yourself and go for the thing you want. Are you looking to spend time with a girl you’ve never had in your home country? Or, do you have a taste for specific kinks or a particular fantasy? Whatever your choice might be, define what you want before visiting a brothel. Consider this the first step that will help you make the right choice later on.

The budget

You might have specific sexual preferences, but can your budget survive this adventure? So, the second thing you have to define is the budget. The easiest way to determine the budget is by going online and looking at the fees. A strong online presence is a normal thing for all businesses in Australia, and brothels have been informed of the best digital marketing practices. All of these venues have a website where you can find details and learn how much you’ll need to make your fantasy come true. It’s also worth mentioning that you should have some room within your budget for additional fees like services that pay extra and it also might be nice to include a tip.

Find the right establishment for you

Now that you have an idea of what you want and how much money is needed for such an adventure, the next step is to find the right establishment. The most popular Melbourne brothels can be found online where you can easily find the location, see the reviews and also look into their offer for the day. Yes, you can look up the roster online and find just what you expect to find upon your visit. You might even change your mind a few times before you visit the brothel of your choice because you’ll be overwhelmed by all possible choices. Either way, look at Melbourne brothels online, and their offer to find the right establishment for you.

…or have a personal visit at your location

If you’re more into having a girl visit you at your location, some brothels also offer an outcall service. Of course, these come with a price, but it’s also good knowing that you can have a girl discretely visit you at your hotel. Once you pick a brothel you like, try giving them a call to discuss all details and enquire further if you have additional questions.

The etiquette

If you’ve never visited a brothel before, it’s worth mentioning the brothel etiquette. First of all, hygiene. Make sure to clean up before and put on some clean and fresh clothes. Don’t be surprised if you’re required to take a shower before the encounter with a lady of your choice.

Next, upon your visit, you’ll be taken by the staff or security member to an introduction room. This is where you’ll get a chance to relax, and interact with ladies before you make your final choice. You’ll also choose between different types of bookings and types of extra services you can pay for. Lastly, make sure to act with respect, and kindness and also have in mind that you should also make a good first impression. Be a gentleman first and foremost.


Be aware of the fact that safety is a priority and that you’ll be required to wear a condom. This is mandatory and is clearly defined by the type of booking. There’s no point in trying to circumvent these rules because you’ll be asked to kindly leave the premises if you fail to comply. This and any other rule of the house is to be accepted, respected and followed if you want to be eligible for receiving a service for a price you agreed upon booking.

Lastly, keep an open mind and try to have as much fun as possible. Who knows, maybe after the initial experience, you even become a frequent visitor of one of many of Melbourne’s brothels.