Things to Keep in Mind When Going to A Brothel

Written by Danny White

Have you been single for a while and miss being intimate with someone? Is Tinder tiring or just not for you? Are you interested in trying something new in the bedroom but looking for a hookup is too time-demanding? No matter the situation you’re in, you might be considering visiting a local brothel and looking through their offer of ladies. Before you go, however, there are a few things you should know. Read on to learn more about some guidelines that you should follow.

Learn more about the legality of the practice

For starters, it’s important that you make sure the practice is not illegal in your area or the area you plan on visiting. In case you’re in Australia, you should know that the legality varies depending on the state. However, sex work is legal in most of them while it is also properly regulated in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, and New South Wales. Then, some European countries like the Netherlands also allow this type of work while it’s legal in only a few counties in Nevada, United States. Therefore, you want to look into the local laws and how old you have to be in order to enter a brothel.

Decide what you need from a brothel

It’s also essential that you know what you expect from this visit. Are you simply looking for some cuddling and tenderness? Do you want someone to be rough with? Are you thinking about trying something new you’ve been fantasizing about for a while? It’s a good idea to come to terms with what you want so that you can easily explain it to the managers and ladies once you get there.

Look through the brothel’s offer

You can start looking for the right place once you’re better aware of your needs and expectation. With that in mind, all quality Sydney brothels have a functional website where you can check out their offer. From the opening hours to the list of services all the way to the names of the ladies you can meet, everything will be listed online so that you can easily make a plan before your visit. Whether you want the girlfriend experience or one of the deluxe services that these ladies provide, by reading through the offer, you’ll know what to expect.

Check with the brothel to see if a visit is okay

Many brothels provide clients with the possibility to visit them and meet the ladies in person before making their decision. If you don’t like what you see, you can come back some other day. However, it’s best to check the policy the brothel has. You can either call or email them to see if you can simply visit them without prior notice. Even if they allowed this before, the coronavirus pandemic came with some measures with the goal of protecting everyone’s safety.

Take care of your hygiene before your visit

Besides COVID-19 precautions, you also want to make sure you are properly washed before your visit. Most establishments will ask you to shower there before your appointment, but you should still clean yourself up at home. Wash your entire body, including your genitals and those areas you typically don’t think about. Brush and floss your teeth, don’t forget about deodorant, and put on clean clothes. What is more, you don’t want to shave your pubes and risk a razor rash, so simply trim them.

Steer clear from bargaining

Something else you will find on a brothel’s website is their prices. You can also ask about these over email, phone, or in person when you mention all the specifics you expect from a lady. It’s essential to keep in mind that these prices are fixed and that bargaining is not welcome. Don’t try to negotiate for other people’s services that you are in need of. Wait a bit longer if you can’t afford it at the moment.

Pay attention to your behavior

In addition to being clean and not trying to bargain, you also want to be on your best behavior. Being rude can get you kicked out, so stay polite and nice to the people you interact with. It’s normal to feel nervous during your first time, but don’t be mean about it. Moreover, remember that you will be asked to use a condom as it’s illegal to provide these services without protection.

If you’re thinking about visiting a brothel, keep these guidelines in mind. If you tell them it’s your first time, they’ll know exactly how to treat you so that you feel at home. You might even become a regular.